Escort Websites & SESTA FOSTA.


Why You Should Consider Building An Escort Website After SESTA FOSTA.

The Ultimate Escort Website Guide: Part 2, Why You Should Consider Building An Escort Website After SESTA FOSTA


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The Short Answers

  1. Sesta Fosta, international law with Global impacts.

  2. Out With The Old And In With The New way to advertise.

  3. it is dangerous for business to cram into directories

  4. Be Where The Client Is Looking And Deliver What They Want.

  5. Directories Are Not Equipped For Diversity.

  6. Thoughts for your Future in business

The Juicy Answers

  1. Sesta Fosta, international law with Global impacts.

SESTA FOSTA is possibly the largest instantaneous event of online (economic) displacement.

Yet hardly anyone outside of industry knows or understands just how hard the negative impacts have reverabted around the globe.

Directly impacted by the laws were advertisers on private escort websites, escort agency websites and escort advertising websites.

The largest of all the directories, Backpage, was a classification listing website which sex workers used.

the removal of backpage left a massive void that has yet to be completely filled.

In addition to the sex work industry, other industries and business felt an impact and had to make changes to how they operate.

After all, websites like Backpage and Cracker did not only exist to be solely used by escorts and escort agencies.

For those selling wares or non-sex related services, other equally as impressive websites and apps existed for them to move their business to freely, ebay and airtasker, and facebook marketplace included.

This was not the case for our sex worker industry, we did not have other large supporting websites and infrastructure for those who solely replied on the directories disappearing.

almost one year on, the turbulent dust has settled, but, the escort industry online in Australian has been boiling slowly to a state of confusion.

The same way you put lobster in water and gradually add heat, so it’s cooked alive.

This is new era of online marketing and engagement. we have the ability to connect faster and more frequently with an ever growing array of client networks.

Yet, I feel I am seeing less and less happy stories, from less and less busy providers, and a lot of confused business owners, simmering in hot water.

2.Out With The Old And In With The New way to advertise

Before "The Event" which is how I will refer to SESTA FOSTA from here on in, the most popular escort classified advertising websites in Australia were Backpage and Cracker.

these sites were massive. colossal web continents in a sea surrounded by small islands domains.

Some sex workers had only ever known how to advertise with classified escort websites, never needing to venture far from their comfort zone. this, is a mistake we should have already learned from, yet, the same pattern of behavior is easily visible now.

'The Event' directly impacted a significant portion of our industry.

The indirect consequences of it are now still clearly visible in the overcrowding of the more ‘mainstream’ escort advertising websites.

these are also visible in the flurry of ‘fake’ sites swooping in trying to pick at some of the last remaining bones of a dismantled empire, previously known as “Backpage”.

The current environment is not going to improve.

The moment Backpage was remove, signified the moment that advertising how we once did was coming to an end. is Dangerous for Business to Cram Onto Directories

A majority of the 'escorting by choice' cross-section of the sex work industry do not benefit from advertising on the high-priced and favourite escort websites.

Sites like our Australian escort directories - Private Girls Australia, Scarlet Blue, Escorts and Babes and Available Angels.

Yet, everyone is on these websites right now, cramming into the virtual spaces with no reward.

advertising in this way is dangerous for your business.

The proof is in recent history,

There are so many other methods, platforms and escort advertising websites or directories that are the preference for clients to search and find various services or services providers.

4. Be Where The Client Is Looking And Deliver What They Want.

The most prefered way to find for any business service, including escorts, is to search for them using keywords.

Then asses the results that are ranking well on search engines such google, bing, yahoo and yandy.

Searches are also carried out on search engines you wouldn’t expect such as Youtube and Pinterest.

Those keywords typed or talked into search for an escort in a certain location..

These clients are not looking for directories,

they don’t sift through the providers who all sound and look the same on a directory template.

these clients are searching, they are looking for a personal connection that meets their needs right now.

Customers like the process of finding what they need to be easy and hassle free. They are looking for a provider that’s easily verifiable either by social media, reviews or website alone. Perhaps all three at once, that’s even better.

They want to feel light and breezy, knowing they can look at all your info quickly, as they respond to their tinder date, post a picture of their same day delivery shoes purchase from iconic and jump into their uber that has pulled up beside them.

They want instant information.

They want instant confirmation.

They want instant gratification.

It’s what we are all accustom to now are we not?

directories do not have an marketplace interface on mobile devices that’s ‘user friendly,’ like that of ubereats, facebook and marketplace.

Potential clients are looking for you, on your on website that is optimised for mobile, because they are on their mobiles all the time.

They seek information on a mobile website that’s streamline.

it offers them uncompromised access to navigate freefly to understand as much about in the shorted time.

this website is designed for their experience in mind (UX Design).

A website that is not infiltrated by millions of other search results that does not relate to them.

think of marketing, Like water that runs the easiest path to break through stone.

your job as a business is to make the clients path as easy as possibly to get to you.


TASK - Whip out your handy dandy handsets.

Go To Scarlet Blue or another crowded directory.

search for yourself on your mobile only using two categories or descriptive words.

Search like you are someone who doesn’t know you..

What do you think?

How Hard Are you to find?

Tell us all the juicy goss in the comments!

5.Directories Are Not Equipped For Diversity.

There is a tipping point for websites set up like these become completely ineffective.

They only allow for the information provided in the templates provided by them to be searched, they don’t have the same capabilities to be as the diverse set up of a classified escort website.

Your inability to be different makes your brand cookie cutter.

This is extremely detrimental if you have no website that explains further that your not .

There are so many sellers with the same search results on directories, that the buyers are confused.

There are so many escorts on the top four or five popular sites with the same information, that no one ranks well on them.

The first key point to branding is to find your point of differentiation.

It’s impossible to have one when your search fields are pre determined for you.

6. Thoughts for your Future in business

Why continue to risk the future of your business by placing it in the hands of another company?

‘the event’ or something equally catastrophic can occur again, how are you to control your business when the places you advertise on, are not yours to control?

It is a Sin By Designs prerogative to advise so you can be the best escort brand and best sex work business possible. We believe that relying entirely on one or two third-party suppliers (escort directories) is dangerous for your business and may result in a lack of activity if they are to succumb to changes in the future.

There are also other variables at play not just extreme law changes, which may also force escort advertising websites to close their doors abruptly or fall from googles good grace in the blink of an eye . All of these variables still are not in your control.

These may include bankruptcy, loss of reputation and change of hands (sale). They may be hacked or penalised for other reasons unknown to us and lose their search ranking results entirely. Something similar happened to Private Girls Australia a few years ago.

Escort directories offer you no real control or protection for your private or independent sex worker business and brand, and taking control and having the power over risk is vitality important for business owner in an industry.

One way you can start protecting your business is creating an escort website that you can control and begin the process of making it great.

Even if it’s just as security blanket to begin with, your brand, business and piggy bank might thank you for it in the not to distant future.

vivienne black x

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