Powerful brands require capable business owners to stand the test of time. It is perfectly ok to admit you might need some help or that you know something is asque and you are not sure what that might be.

More often than not our own bad habits or business weaknesses crawl into and cause havoc to our brand persona. If your brand and business needs a little guidance or nourishment, Sin By Design is here to help.  

What You Can Expect With Sin By Design 

  • Develop a vision for your business and create a plan for achieving your goals.

  • Understand the importance of your communication with your audience in this digital age.

  • Establish a positive mindset around making money and holding on to it.

  • Overcome overwhelming sense that often occurs when you start working or when times get tough.

  • Recognise your full potential

  • Identify your ideal client and help you learn to communicate with them effectively.

  • Implement systems that will free up your time, aiding the expansion of your brand and business

  • Develop a workable marketing plan, business plan, brand plan and gain the confidence to executing these without fail

  • Understand your unique strengths and your weaknesses

  • Network in a way that will make you comfortable.

  • Balance being sexy with the boring administration of running a business

  • Create a business that is profitable.

  • Entry - Success - Exit plan



Business Health Check Package

The first of its kind - # 1 selling service from Sin By Design!
Business is dynamic and that means ongoing changes are necessary to keep your business healthy and strong.

Learn where your weaknesses are and get all the resources needed to make positive changes to continue growing your success.


Escort & Adult Business Mentor

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Entrepreneur Escort - Business Mentor - Copywriter - Web and Brand Designer - Creative Stylist - Coach & Consultant

You can catch up with me to discuss whatever you need! ~ Vivienne Black

Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore

Available On Tours: Yes

Online: Skype, FaceTime & Other Video Call Services can be arranged.


  • Marketing Strategies

  • Brand Creation and Design

  • Brand Writing

  • Styling

  • Personal and Professional Identity Conflicts and Concerns

  • Advertising Effectiveness

  • New Services 

  • Problem Solving

  • Websites