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The Sin Blog is a collection of articles from the most influential online escorts and escort supporting business in Australia. Here you can find advice about escort mentors, escort brands and influencers, escort websites, escort advertising and escort marketing. As well as...

The Sin Blog


A collection of articles, interviews, stories and events about the Australian Adult Industry and the many different people who work in the spotlight and out of it, all who most certainly make sexy shit happen.

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Here at SBD, I aim to promote the idea that growth is achieved by feeding your mind. I am a firm believer in the continuation of education, regardless of the topic, learning is never a waste of time. No subject is too big or small to be left behind and forgotten.

You can be studying medicine, tarot cards, expanding your knowledge of massage techniques or even learning design. The subject is irrelevant, it is the persistence to learn that makes all the difference to us as people as we grow. Fostering adult education is the key component to my business plan here with SBD.

The tasks related to the job that we do are opportunities for you to learn and grow.  I wish to help you take those opportunities and expand your knowledge around them, in return you may find you do some tasks better and more efficient, making you stronger, harder and faster at your job.

These are skills, strengthening these bonds that link tasks with your growing education, gives you recognisable skills that you should never be ashamed of, regardless of how you learnt it.

In any other industry, increasing your skill level increases your desirability as an employee. Skills command respect from others around you, skills create open doorways and uncover hidden pathways which, like any other business professional, you should be able to explore in safety.

Our industry desperately requires more recognition of all of the non-sexual business skills we have as many individuals in the big wide world, seem to forget, that Sex Work is real work. 

I wish to find unity through education because with unity we can achieve change. I wish to see more successful brands and business continuing to develop and that one day your hard work can be used as leverage to achieve any other career dreams and goals you have outside this industry. 

These are the reasons why I started Sin By Design. I have self-taught the skills I have due to the demands of my job, and one day, I want them to be considered worthy without judgement. I want this for all of my co-workers too. 

I have achieved many of my goals and have also made some stupid business decisions, or as I prefer to call them, my epic fails. Either way, I have learnt something and that's what really counts. Either way, what I have learnt, I am offering to share with you to help your business grow. In return, I am hoping to learn from you too.

We are a niche cohort of individual businesses who endure more hardships and rejection due to stigma than any other industry on this planet; and for that, we all have something in common.

Utilising our “Insider knowledge” by providing group education and skill sharing, we can continue to grow in strength. We will enrich our minds,  fight stigma with reason, share a voice and show the world our professionalism as we evolve for the better.

From little things, big things grow. Be sure to watch this space in the near future, we have some exciting announcements coming your way soon.

Vivienne x

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