Is your escort brand on trend or off trend?


Successful brands are concise with a strong visual identity, steadily maintaining and growing, whilst nurturing a trustworthy and noteworthy relationship with their business clientele. In return, the business behind the brand is trending,  and yes, I mean you. 

At full steam ahead you are rewarded with the ability to work smarter, not harder. Less time off course and faster returns, that is good business as it should be forever, isn’t it? If you answered yes, you might be wrong

Brands can turn sour rather quickly if they are not constantly nourished and protected. Brand strategy is a must to keep your brand and your business on top. So how can you tell if your brand is in-fact bad business and might be the hidden problem dragging you to the depths below, further away from your goals and full potential?  How do you know when you should revamp or re-brand?

Here Sin By Design discusses how brands fail; provides two warning signs and offers a support raft to help you stay afloat. 

Iceberg Dead Ahead - Doomed To Fail

A cruise on the delightful brand honeymoon one-liner can be short or long-lived, depending on the habits and practices of the business that is the brains behind the operation. In most cases, the preverbal “iceberg dead ahead” remains unnoticed until the moment of impact.  

Cataclysmic collision or a too close for comfort sideswipe, as Captain,  it’s your job to keep your vessel or brand afloat by continually taking it out of deep water to rest, repair and reflect in order to grow. 

Aiming to grow with a steady foundation is a strategy, a masterful skill that requires time and devotion. It might be a long process, but it maintains the longevity of your business.

A good way to begin your business revision is by taking a long look at how your customers are interacting with you. You must be prepared to see your business for what it is to your clients, and not how you think your brand is perceived by your ego. 

This can be a confronting task, hardly any small business or person is ever really ready to face the facts and rebrand when the occasion calls for it.  No one likes to discover they are drifting out of reach in the vast information ocean of the world wide web. 

If a brand strategy is a concept you are yet to devote much time to and have nothing in place, you had best put your life jacket on now. It is already time to reassess your approach and priorities to your business. Implementing a few small changes may make all the difference. You will notice changes in how you think, feel and see work that will astound you.

For those brands wanting to go the extra mile, then Sin By Design is your first stop on the way to your branding goals.


Signs you should revamp or rebrand 

1. Your website is not converting into bookings

This is measurable in many ways and depends on what your aims were for creating a website, to begin with. Are your goals and business ethos still the same as then? If not, a freshen up of the content on your site is in order. It is recommended for static web pages to update your content at least once per month to increase your SEO.

If you notice your website is failing to hit the mark and appears no longer relevant, seek out the services of an industry consultant or mentor who can guide you back on the path to success. 

A website should be aiding you in converting visitors from the web into bookings with ease. When utilised correctly, your own website should be where with the majority of your business enquires come from.

In these turbulent days, as advertising directories are being removed and social media platforms are hunting down workers to give them the boot. Focusing your advertising and marketing into securing a successful one  should be paramount. A quick and simple landing page with a domain will suffice until you are ready to further develop more content in the future.  

Vivienne Black -

Your website is your business headquarters; the only place where you can completely control all content and can gain access to data and trends on the net. These are tools and are great feedback as a business owner. You want to have a domain and a website consistently available so your clients can find you. Do not make the mistake of solely relying on social media and directories.

Check for a drop in traffic on your site by keeping an eye on your opt-ins and subscriptions via your links. For those with no website, directories such as Scarlet Blue, allow you to see your weekly profile views and voted favourite images results. These tools are invaluable and included in all of their advertising packages. Using tools like these correctly will have a positive impact on how you measure the success of your business over time.

When browsing patrons are quickly leaving your web pages as fast as they appeared,  might indicate a need to plan a different site layout or refresh your content in the near future. See if you can determine the reason why their expectations of your brand are not being met once they are on your page.

It is really important to say this here, clients who leave your site and consistently ask you for additional information; are doing so because your brand message and identity is not clear and concise. If clients are asking you too much too often, or you are attracting the incorrect clients for your business - look at the methods in which they are finding you to establish if you need more relevant information in those places. 

Please avoid posting their numbers all over social media and berating them. This bad business behaviour does little in elevating the status of your professional brand persona, nor does it help the way the industry as a whole is viewed by other working professionals and communities. For more examples of how you can use marketing tools incorrectly, click here.

Quote: writer Jasmin Bina

2. You are the only one who knows that your service is exceptional 

No one is picking up what you are putting down and your bookings from all platforms are reducing?  You may be struggling to get bookings due to your brand visuals or in lack of better words, you simply are not standing out amongst others. Naturally, most immediately seek to change their images and get new photoshoots, but I like to challenge a few other ideas first.

New pictures may just be a band-aid, a short-term fix for a much bigger wound that requires your immediate attention. By changing only this one aspect of your business (advertising), you are only addressing one issue that might not even be the problem. You need to look at the bigger picture to acquire a solution that is sustainable for your business.

Save yourself the expense, seek to find out if other elements of your brand visuals are not effectively communicating with the clients you want. If you find your visuals are not supporting each other in a healthy brand-ecosystem, a rebrand is certainly on the horizon.

It is really important to understand that your brand is not just a name, a logo or a set of images of you. A brand is how all of these elements, among many, work together to tell a story. A brand is a feeling, an experience. A brand is a state of mind, a brand is an ideology.

Generally, most brands who are struggling, are not effectively communicating with their clients. If you can not pinpoint what is it that you need to focus on, you may benefit from the aid of brand development service such as the ones offered here at Sin By Design. 

You may need to ask yourself the question, am I paying attention to my clients in the right kind of way? How are other aspects of your business other than brand visuals? Is there a particular manner in which you are operating, that is alienating your customers? Are you unconsciously incompetent and unable to recognise your flaws?


Let Sin By Design Help

Full Brand development and strategic planning is not something usually offered by a boutique web and graphics studios. I believe this is a pity. Having the helping hand of only one person, from start to finish; helps personalise your own customer experience and provides a personal touch when planning your goals from start to finish.

I feel confident in offering all these services to you, even if based solely on my own experiences. The amount of times I have rebranded myself alone over the  9 years working is a testimony in itself. 

In addition to this, I have mentored, coached and consulted many other brands, many of whom have become well-known names too. I have included a little archive page of my most recent here for your viewing pleasure.


In the near future I will be releasing a case study on a few brands, so you can see the lengths that Sin By Design will go to help you reach your potential.