Sinful Design Competition - Creating Awareness of Stigma Towards Sex Workers

Edit 30/12/2018: Link to competition is at the bottom of the blog post.

Like - Share - Care: Stigma Kills Sex Workers among many other marginalised groups in society. If you want to do something to help, then like, share and care about

What is Stigma?

Stigma is a the act of discrimination defined by perceived marks or blemishes on the reputation of marginalised communities in our society.

Neither fair nor truthful, stigma is an incredibly powerful tool to reject and discourage quality of life to those deemed unfit and unwanted in an unapologetic manner.

There is entirely no doubt in the phrase "stigma kills".

Stigma Kills Sex Workers

Stigma has an uncanny ability to enforce and perpetuate the ludicrous idea that Sex Workers are not as important as the less "vulgar" characters in society.

Stigma ensures sex workers are not adequately considered human in areas of the world.

In a slightly less extreme example, South Australia workers are downright criminals in the eyes of law, no matter the circumstance.

In cases of assault, stalking, harassment and abuse; South Australian sex workers have zero access to justice, legal protection and avenues to safety without first being deemed of ill repute.

What is vile, is that they will also be convicted a criminal for working and given a criminal history to match.

Stigma stops sex workers from having a voice, and it inhibits sex workers from seeking aid or being given it if asked. Stigma towards sex workers is rampant in many industries you may not have thought possible.

Doctors, lawyers, educators, accountants and photographers seem to be the most complained about professions; who refuse aid or will not work with the sex workers they stigmatise.

Sin By Design vs Stigma

The bloody and raging battle between Sin By Design (SBD) and Stigma continues, every step, even if very small, creates a change somewhere for someone.

Today is an exciting time, as the time has come for us to serve stigma a good proverbial backhand.

SBD aims to create pathways for sex workers by eradicating stigma, and we want you to join in the fight too.

Today we are releasing details for our newest competition, to design patterns for activewear that will help create change; and start the discussion about stigma towards sex workers in other circles than our own.

This competition is a small step for sin, and a giant leap for all those who might consider submitting what stigma means to them, by entering a design. The winner of this competition has a lovely prize indeed.


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