Nina Milano's Advice For Escort Brands and Branding (Guest Interview)

Australian Escort Nina Milano

This week Sin By Design was lucky enough to catch up with one of the best in the adult industry, Miss Nina Milano.

Nina is well know for possessing an amazing smile, demeanour and bottom. Kind and knowledgeable, smart and sassy, we are thrilled to have this interview with her for your viewing pleasure on the Sin Blog…

SBD: Firstly, we want to know how are you and what are your plans for the remainder of the year?

Nina: I am keeping very well thank you!! My plans for the remainder of 2018 are to continue travelling around Australia. I visit all Australian cities on a regular basis. I am also hoping to do a few exciting photo shoots and upload daily content on my premium Snapchat which has just launched.

SBD: Here at SDB, we have a focus on building and maintaining strong brands. Who is your brand? Who is Nina Milano?

Nina: Nina Milano is a naughty and adventurous twist of myself. Nina is always up for fun and mischief . I don’t think Nina is too different of my persona out of escorting.

SBD: How did you decide on your brand persona? Was there a process, or did you go with your gut instincts?

Nina: A client actually came up with the name ‘Nina Milano’ when I started escorting. I really like my name, I feel it is original and suits me well.

Initially I just went with my gut instinct. There was no process or plan - I just gave it everything. I always put a lot of energy into my social media accounts and I feel that has helped with my brand persona.

SBD: Can you give some branding advice to any newcomers wanting to work as an escort?

Nina: My branding advice for newcomers would be to be ORIGINAL & CREATIVE. Think of unique name that you really feel suits you and a fun profile write up that matches your personality. There are so many beautiful escorts in Australia, the key is to find your X-factor and make that shine

SBD: Do you have a regular schedule that you follow? Tell us how your day might look in the business world of Nina Milano?

Nina: Oh god I have been sleeping lately until 9am. I normally like to get up at 7am, do some exercise, attend to all booking enquiries and then I make sure my advertising is up to date 👌 some days I see clients . I generally try not to do more than two bookings a day. Me time is very important when you are an escort.

SBD: What is your favourite thing you like?

Nina: I really love travelling, meeting new people and genuinely LOVE sex. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without sex - the more orgasms the better 😂👌

I really dislike admin. There is actually more admin to the job than most people think. I really also dislike the negative stigma that is associated around sex and adult work.

SBD: You have an impressive following on social media, can you give our readers some of Nina's tips and tricks to gain more followers too?

Nina: I think posting regularly is key. Followers like to get some insight of your personality and life.

SBD: Content marketing is a big topic of conversation at the moment, how do you keep up with the demand of keeping your content fresh and current?

Nina: try to have regular photo shoots and like to post at least once a day. Even if it’s just a tweet about what city I am currently in, sometimes less is more.

SBD: You use your social media to bring awareness surrounding certain topics every day, whether political or comical, you are always are getting involved. Have you considered taking on an activist role on the future?

Nina: I have really thought about it and there are a lot of topics I feel strongly about such as some laws regarding sex work. I have, however, decided not to get involved in activism as it is extremely exhausting.

For sex workers fighting for our rights and creating awareness can seem like a never ending uphill battle. There are some amazing sex worker activists in Australia whose work I extremely support such as Zara Stardust.

SBD: The industry you work in is heavily stigmatised, have you ever felt like you have been judged or treated unfairly? If so, can you tell us a bit about it?

Nina: Yes, unfortunately it does happen. Sometimes when I meet new people that have not had much exposure or education about the sex industry they can be a little judgemental.

I always have had accountants and website designers refuse to work with as they did not want to get involved with a sex worker business

SBD: You travel a lot for work, what is your favourite city and why?

Nina: I love the beach and tropics. So I get really excited when I can travel to a place like Cairns or Darwin where I can just spend hours walking on the beach.

SBD: Many thanks Nina and good luck on your travels!

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