Is Your Male Escort Brand Up To Scratch?

Is Your Male Escort Brand Up To Scratch?

(How to create a male escort brand and business)

How to become a successful male escort for women is one question I frequently hear from men who contact me about getting into this industry, and it's a fair question.  If you don't have experience with building a brand - let alone a business, it can be a daunting task.

The lessons that I have learned over the years can, I think to be applied to most personal services, but are particularly relevant for male sex workers for women.  Why?  Because as a man, you start out with a trust deficit when working with women.

It doesn't matter if you see yourself as a good guy or a nice guy. It doesn't matter if you are the most considerate man in the world toward others, this is the price that we pay for the rampant abuse of the privilege that comes from just being male in our society.  Women are instinctively wary of us - and for a good reason.

So the first part of our job in building a brand as a male sex worker for women is to find a way to bridge this trust gap.  There is only one way that I know to do this - that is, to be honest.

By that, I mean that your marketing must show women who you are so that they can decide that you are trustworthy and the kind of person that they want to see.  

When I built my first website for my escorting business in 2010, I had no reputation and very little knowledge of the industry.  I did, however, have twenty years of experience starting and running small businesses. This experience told me that being transparent and authentic was a solid foundation for any business.  It seemed to me that this would be even more important as a sex wor

There is a truth that I have come to accept from my forty-six years of life - that is: if you talk for long enough, you cannot hide who you are

This is true whether you are talking face to face, or via a proxy like the written word.  It's true online and off.

So if you are trying to show people what kind of person you are - all you really need to do is talk to your audience.  In marketing terms, this is called "personal voice".

For me, that amounted to sitting down and writing post after post for my blog.  I set myself the goal of writing a post a day about some topic that interested me for the first month.  It was a lot of work, but I did it. 

 I wrote about things that I am passionate about, some related to sex, some not.  The idea wasn't to build a library of sex-related articles but to write about the things that interest me and that I care about.  Many of them were about sex, but mostly because I am fascinated by and love sex.

That writing spree created a body of work that showed both Google and my potential clients that I was serious.  I didn't just have a website that was a few pages describing myself.  I had a good collection of articles that allowed women who were looking for a male escort to get a picture of who I actually am, what my values are, and what I care about.

It worked.  And it continues to work to this very day.  Most women who book me take the time to read a large portion of my website - and I have never met a client who felt that my site misrepresented me.

Many women I'm sure, look at my website and think "He's not for me" - which is fine.  I am happy for those people to pass me by.  I have always said that I don't want every client - I just want the clients who are well suited to me and vice versa.  That's the best way to ensure that my clients are happy and that I have a business that is sustainable for me.  This is, I'm sure a large part of why most of my work is repeat bookings.

There's another lesson for this industry - don't try to be something you are not.  Your clients will spot it once they get to know you in person and even if they don't then it will become exhausting for you trying to "be" something you are not.

Once you have a body of work secured, you need to add to it regularly.  This helps your website rank well on search engines, but it also lets potential clients know that you are still active in the industry and available.  My personal observation is that a weekly update is enough for my brand.  

This doesn't sound like much, but it is a reasonably big commitment to maintaining every week regardless.  I am more and less successful at this, but I know that when I do manage to publish a blog regularly that it is reflected in the number of inquiries that I receive.

All of this does have a problem though.  It requires that you are a person of some substance who is reasonably articulate and has views and interests that coincide with a group of women who are looking for your service.  I can't help you with that part, but I would like to think that this article will encourage men who are respectful of and passionate about women and their pleasure to think about a career in this industry.