Is your brand style tone deaf?

Achieving and maintaining a positive Image is everything...

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This is especially true in the world of successful branding. Your ability or inability to focus your attention on the little details will either, effectively enhance or swiftly tarnish all that you have worked tirelessly for.

If you have ever wondered what people are thinking when they look your way and why? This stylish little number is sure to set the tone and provide you with some answers.

There are many factors that contribute to why we are perceived by others in the manner in which we are. The majority of these are bubbling far below the surface, working on a subconscious level.

More often than not it is difficult for an individual to pinpoint the reasons why they are picking up certain vibes that another is putting down. 

This is a reaction to a cognitive process that you may or may not be aware of in the moment of its conception.

Just for example's sake, perhaps you instantly irritate someone for no obvious reason; they may instantaneously perceive you as lazy or incompetent.

Alternatively, at first glance you can be perceived as someone admirable, put together, in control, successful they want to know more about you and are not too sure why. 

You can be the woman in the sleek dress slinking around town; striking a pose in a sharp power suit, or feeling worn and tired seeking comfort in a comfortable tracksuit. No matter the example the mind has already made connections and connotations about who that person is beneath it all.

The subconscious judgement of one's style and fashion taste is one of the fastest methods in which another will draw upon conclusions about you. What you wear and how you wear it, will determine what you are to them when developing a first impression.

All too often, clothing is overlooked as being unimportant in the wide range of worldly scenarios.  Brushed off as a ‘fluffy’ or ‘trivial’ area to focus on, people want to believe that their clothing is irrelevant if they have other merits to fall back on in the absence of personal style.

The belief that charisma, demeanour, intellect or previous experience will carry ones way through life, as though they expect people to already know just how fabulous they think they are.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all and you do not have to be a fashionista to admit that everyone judges the book by the covers. We use style as the first visual clues, to sum up, what a person is all about.


Stop and think about that for a moment!


Think about the extremely limited amount of time you have to capture and create a lasting good impression for your business and brand.

Before you get the chance to open your mouth and introduce yourself, another has already passed judgement on who you are. On what and who you represent and whether they want to invest any further time, or money, in you and your brand. So, how is this happening and why?

One of the first things we all do when meeting someone is deconstruct and interpret them. We do this via a quick visual body scan. We assess many factors in the blink of an eye:

  1. How does this person carry themselves?

  2. What type of personality are they?

  3. Are they professional?

  4. Can their brand and business be trusted?

Your style will shape both good and bad perceptions about you. What you’re wearing acts as an invitation to draw conclusions about your entire brand. This is accompanied by your body langue, personal grooming, hygiene and air of confidence are assessed to form a packaged presentation of what you mean.



Set the right tone for your brand image

One of the major and underrated elements that can be used to portray the correct message that you strive for,  is the colours you are wearing and what you have paired them with to maximise the effect. 

Each colour has significant social and cultural values within society and you can start to tell your brand story straight away.



SIn By Design with Lana Jade Colour Stylist


Like a virgin!

The most foolproof colour to utilise. It is associated with being clean, fresh, pure and; when clean, it looks expensive and professional.

White give you judger all feel good connotations and its very easy to style. The style and fit of your outfit will assist you in maximising the impact of the emotion you are aiming to portray. 

Something to consider when styling with white is the purity aspect of white, it doesn’t scream ‘bad girl gagging for it’ and is more elegant and virginal.

If raw sex appeal is what you seek, white may not be your first choice, but sexy can certainly be achieved with some thoughtful planning.


Vivienne Black Lana Jade Sugarrr Shaker Black Dress By Vivi B and Sin By Design


Stability, strength and luxury.


Aside from red, black is the colour we most consistently develop an easy association with. 

To see someone decked out in black, would lead you to believe they are professional. A  powerful authoritarian, tasteful and full of sex appeal.

All of these emotions can be evoked with one look if styled correctly.  Of course you can tailor your black outfit toward just one or two of these associations, again through careful styling.

Black is so easy and fun to use, though it’s just one colour, using a mixture of textures and lustres can help create a very expensive and more importantly, polished look.


Red Lana Jade

Sexuality, strong-willed and warmth

Red is the strongest colour available and with that comes the strongest emotions linked to it. If you wish to portray a strong sense of confidence, power, seduction, passion and boldness then this would quickly aid your mission.

Do bear in mind that red can also be associated with aggression and danger, and how you style yourself may feed either of these conceptions.

You don’t need to dress head to toe in red to hint at seduction and sensuality. Aim for accentuating details, whether it’s red lips, a bag, shoes, even nails, a little will go a long way with this statement colour.


Yellow Dress Sugar Shaker Dresses Melbourne

Vibrant, friendly, approachable.

Bright yellow is strongly associated with happiness, joy and playfulness. Yellow is energy and omits all of these feel-good vibes to those looking your way. 

However, a darker yellow can often give a distasteful view, associated with cowardice. 

Using a bright yellow, perhaps as an accent if the idea of a large volume of a bright colour terrifies you, would help to portray a bright, bubbly, friendly personality. I

It’s important to consider your skin tone and how it looks against a bright yellow, suiting more olive or darker skin tones typically, while a pastel suits a more fair skin tone. 

Once more, with yellow, subtle details could be your key to pulling off this playful colour.


White (1).jpg

Nature, health and wealth.

It’s a soothing colour and often used to portray wealth and status. In terms of branding, green is an ideal colour to use to portray a sense of establishment and class. 

Green is one of the few colours where all varieties and shades are not just aesthetically pleasing but where it’s connotations are consistent throughout the spectrum, whether you’re a dark green, or a pastel, the idea of health and wealth are being read strongly. 


Pinterest purple

Aristocratic, creation, wealth and magical.

Purple traditionally was reserved for royalty and has managed to withhold it’s regal implications and associations, lending the idea of prestige to the wearer.

More tonal, pastel purples are very feminine and associated with a softness of sorts.



Fun, youth, flirty and femininity. 

A softer, more pastel or barely-there pink is associated with sweetness and innocence while a more vibrant pink radiates a higher energy, a more lustful colour. 

Varying the tone of the colour pink can make it easy to wear to colour for all, and you can find a shade that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. 



Cool, calm and safe.

A navy blue is a more sophisticated and sometimes more mature colour, often used in corporate wear. 

In saying this, it can still be used a sleek and stylish alternative to black that gives your look an unexpected edge when styled correctly.

 A softer blue can be seen once more as a colour of innocence and playfulness. whereas a bright and vibrant blue portrays energy. 


The end of the rainbow!

The ways in which colour can be utilised in fashion to aid the message you are conveying is endless and something worth being conscious of when styling yourself day to day, meeting clients and when marketing with brand visuals. 

Keep in mind that colour can be used not just in clothes, but in accessories, makeup and the background you choose, have fun with it, experiment and play.

Get yourself out of your comfort zone and dress in an entirely different colour. 

Watch the way people respond to you differently, make note of the new compliments you receive, and the extra smiles you get when you wear a colour that not only makes you feel good but radiates a positive energy. 

Have fun!


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