Get Involved - The Australian Adult Industry Conference 2019

Welcome to the first sign up sheet for:

"The Australian Adult Industry Conference 2019"

Hosted and facilitated by Sin By Design.

Sin By Design is well aware of the stigma, and contradictory opinions many individuals, businesses and groups have in regards to the level of professionalism and skill set needed and perfected to run an adult industry business.

Sex work is real work; it is a job.

Many people within and outside of our community don't perceive it as such. Just like in other industries, if you work, you are reliant on a set of skills to run at your best and succeed. Unlike other industries, this lien of work is mostly solo and isolating.We find it hard to learn from others and increase our skills because we are very rarely working alongside others.

Just like any other startup, brand, small business or company we are moving into a different type of digital world that is tricky to navigate and requires all business to reevaluate their habits and practices.

We need to start a discussion, provide a platform and create a professional network that offers not only support services but facilitates ongoing education in the following areas:

  • Advertising

  • Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Business Administration Skills and Techniques

  • Goal Setting

  • Strategies and Planning

  • Financial Planning and Investing

  • Business and Personal Tax

  • Business Development

  • Networking

  • Business Technology and Online Safety

  • Web/Mobile Applications and Programs

  • Training Workshops

  • Mentorship Training

  • Management Training

  • Employer Training

  • Administrative Assistance

  • International Policy

  • Coping with Social Change

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Confidence

  • Sales

  • Business Legalities

  • Social Influencers

  • Roles and Responsibilities

  • Exit Pathways and Strategies

It's a darn shame that many do not recognise the diverse set of skills needed to manage and operate our type of businesses.

It is a focus of mine to ensure that recognisable ability and business capability be a judged relatively and correctly. Meaning skill should be evaluated not by industry or choice of profession, but rather by your capacity to complete the tasks at hand

Let's get together and perfect our professional skills to the best of our ability. Let’s fight stigma with professional learning and have some fun along the way!

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