Confessions From Escort Mentor Vivienne Black

I have a confession…

I haven’t always been successful but I know I will never let myself not be again
— Vivienne Black

When I first started trying to work independently in Sydney as a private escort many years ago, I had no idea what I was doing.

I made mistakes, I got severely taken advantage of and hurt, I lost money, I wasted time, and I made ill-informed choices that significantly impacted my brand and my earnings.

Sometimes, I still make bad choices both in my personal life and my business one, only now I have a support frame that limits the impact and repercussions of them.

I have this because I learnt and applied new skills, provided myself with a mentor and sought the advice of other successful business folks in many industries.

By enriching myself with this new found education, I granted myself the ability to implement structure to form a steady business foundation — this stable business base aided in me growing a successful brand and sustainable income

Today, I have overcome many obstacles to achieve some fantastic goals, and I am gearing up for the launch of my third company, Sugar Shaker.

Learning how to navigate your way through this world is one big ongoing lesson.

Myself and my business are much different to when I started working; I am even much different to who I was six months ago.

We are constantly growing and changing and so to must the industry we work in.

Escort Mentoring With Sin By Design

Early this year, after the devastating impact of SESTA/FOSTA, I launched a business called Sin By Design which provides business and digital marketing mentoring; brand consulting and offers design services like styling and organising escort photo shoots, escort websites and adult industry brand visuals.

Learning how to create, manage and maintain your escort business and escort brand can be a rather daunting task in a volatile and often isolating adult industry.

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There are many "mentors" out there who lack the required education, compassion and understanding to be successful for all of the diverse brands and businesses in our industry.

What worked for them may not necessarily work for you, and they should know more than just one method of helping to achieve your goals.

I can confidently attest that having worked in other industries and having the ability to gain an education in many fields, I can provide you more than only one method to achieving your success.

It pains me to report that there is no real solid sense of a business support community amongst our peers, and trusting in the incorrect advice from flakey support networks can be detrimental to your success in the long term.

Also, no matter what type of market you cater toward there are still some standard business procedures that apply to all regardless of the industry, and then there are some that will be unique to you. I want to teach and explore these with you.

I want to put your mind at ease for just a moment and let you know that if you are not alone if you feel like you:

  • don't know what to do

  • are not coping with certain aspects of your business

  • are not as busy as you want to be

Digital marketing is a strategy that helps you run your business without assumptions. It has multiple stages, here are some to name a few (as defined by  HubSpot )

Digital marketing is a strategy that helps you run your business without assumptions. It has multiple stages, here are some to name a few (as defined by HubSpot)


No matter what anyone might tell you, owning a successful and sustainable business in any industry takes time and planning, and at some point, all successful brands and companies were once not so well off.

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Recently, I was privy to an online debate about the usefulness and motives of escort mentors and consultants concerning the question as to why any successful escort would want to give away her tricks to be busy?

These people who think and talk like this lack vision for the future and scope of the current environment we are facing and moving into; and completely miss the mark regarding what the aims are of mentors and how useful they can be every business.

Another topic in this same discussion went on to give harmful advice about why inexperienced escorts who are asking for assistance, shouldn’t pay for mentors or consultants. Instead they should learn things on their own.

Not everyone has the ability or the confidence to learn in certain environments and situations. A particular example might be non privilege workers short on time or those who require immediate assistance to provide for a family.

Also, many people suffer in classroom situations due to learning disabilities, anxiety and class structure. Here is another confession, I am dyslexic and find classrooms difficult also.

The method in which schools teach, the way courses are run and how classes are held are not tailored to educate the majority. They don’t resonate in ways in which most people learn.

I try to provide as much free advice as I can in sex worker spaces, however, I consider business mentoring a professional service and not a side hobby.

If I had to choose between a free gift or a professional service to help me achieve the goals I have, I would take the one who is scheduling massive blocks of time for me; and pay them for it.

Voluntary mentors are fabulous but you will get more attention to detail and more “class time” with a paid mentor.

What Is A Successful Escort Mentor And Escort Consultant?

Voluntary and paid mentors are both useful but they play fundamentally different roles.

Voluntary and paid mentors are both useful but they play fundamentally different roles.

Successful mentors and consultants are specialists who provide you with tools that you may not have had the opportunity yet to encounter or that you did know you needed.

A mentor will not do the hard work for you because that does help you now does it? There is no such thing as an overnight success, but there are shortcuts to achieving it.

I aim to show you these and help you plan and prepare your business to the best of my ability so that in the future, come what may; you already have the skills and tools to help yourself.

Sin By Design, as a consultancy, is more than happy to help you find and access the resources that you require to enrich your business and strengthen your brand.

Everybody has different ideas and goals as to where they want their business to be and how to get there, this is something I recognise and encourage.

Sin By Design does not aim to create cookie cutter escort businesses, that would be detrimental to both our client's brands and our own.

I also wish for you to retain your independence as your mentor. I do not handle your enquiries or take a cut of your business income, I provide you with packages or hourly fees for my time.

Why Do I Mentor?

Escort Mentor and Founder of Sin By Design, Vivienne Black

Escort Mentor and Founder of Sin By Design, Vivienne Black

Other than to help you be the best darn small business you can be in a flooded and turbulent market

I am a firm believer of the ideal that collaboration is the way forward, not beating down your competition.

Any other worker who tells me I am silly for teaching others how to be successful, must not have confidence in their own brand and fear change.

If that is the case, might I suggest you seek the services of a mentor?

I hate to break it to you, but change is already happening and it’s happening faster than a lot of our industry can keep up with.

Sin By Design promotes the implementation of a recognisable business framework and practice into your current business plan.

One of the aims I want to achieve is increasing the professional confidence of my mentees, so their business is considered valuable to themselves, their peers, their greater community and beyond.

In turn, I hope they will increase awareness of the professionalism in this industry by becoming powerful and meaningful brands that resonate with audiences outside as well.

When we have many strong brands, collaborating not competing, and they are speaking one common goal, then our industry as a whole can demand attention to the areas we wish to see change; and strive towards achieving being considered professional by other sectors.

Reducing stigma, discovering pathways and creating awareness is very dear to me and is something I would like to achieve during my time on Earth.

I have a confession.

I am excited with the prospect to be working with you in 2019 to help you put your best business foot forward and creating a business with you, that will launch you in many more opportunities in the future.

Happy New Year!

Vivienne Black x

*** If you are in the adult industry and also have another business that would like to explore an affiliate partnership with Sin By Design, please get in touch. Likewise, if you have considered Mentoring or Consulting, I am seeking more hands on deck and would welcome your email or call.

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