Guest Interview with Professional Australian Photographer - Gary Santos!



Australian photographer Gary Santos is well known in our industry for his killer pictures, kind nature and professional attitude to his work.

Gary frequently makes his way traveling around Australia, snapping our saucy profiles and getting to know our brands.

Sin By Design was lucky enough to catch up with Gary in between his galavanting around for this weeks interview, so you can get to know Gary too!


What are your plans for the end of 2018?

It’s been a very busy and productive year so I’m going to switch off the just before Christmas and possibly go off grid, relax and recharge.

You travel Australia often for work, what is your favourite place to visit and why?

I grew up in a tropical country near a beach so travelling to cities that has similar weather and great beaches. For work, I love going to Gold Coast or Perth. For a holiday, I love Port Douglas.

Do you have set dates and plans to travel again in the near future?

My last tour for 2018 is Sydney early December. Somewhere between 3rd to 6th Dec. For 2019 I’m looking at Gold Coast and Brisbane early Feb.

Currently, you are calling Melbourne home, what is your favourite thing to do in your downtime when you are relaxing there?

My favourite thing is to absolutely do nothing. Next to that is binge watching a couple of shows or catching up with friends for good food and wine.

Gary Santos is a well known and respected brand, can you tell us how you started out in photography?

I always had an interest in photography since I was 10. I used to “borrow” my mum’s camera and take snaps of just about anything. When I started working, I saved enough money to buy a SLR camera, I started shooting landscapes and events.

I joined a camera club and learnt to shoot portraits. We had portrait sessions every week. There, I met a few models who I collaborated a few times. Most of the models were into glamour modelling.

A couple of the models worked in the adult entertainment industry. For a number of years I shot TFP to refine my shooting and editing skills until a few agencies and magazines took notice and gave me shooting assignments.

When the paid shooting gigs increased, I decided to leave my IT job to focus on photography full time and start my own photography business. The rest is history.

Tell us your memory of your moment of discovery, and how it felt? You know, that moment you knew you had made it being one of the tops in your field?

I can’t say I’ve made it. Because the moment one thinks they made it, they tend to stop growing/developing. Success is a journey, not a destination. I always look at areas where I can improve.

However, to answer your question, that moment came when I realised I was earning more money than my old IT job. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that you have control of your career and not having to answer to a boss. It also felt great when my images started to appear on Australian and International magazines.

Sin By Design believes in good business and brand habits, do you have a daily business routine that helps you manage your business?

My non-negotiable daily habits that contribute to my business are: Upon rising, I read my daily affirmations, meditate for at least 10 minutes, read 10 pages of a business or personal development book. Make a to-do list for the day. Workout for an hour in the gym.

After the above morning routine, I check email and messages from social media. If I’m not shooting, I’m editing images for client and producing content for my social media and brand marketing.

I reach out to at least 5 business contacts or future clients and offer my services. Throughout the day, I gradually tick off my to-do list before 5pm.

What are some of your short-term and long-term goals, personal and business goals?

Short term business goal is to expand my reach and shoot in more cities in Australia.

Long term business goal is grow my other business ventures to the point that it no longer needs my presence and still be generating income.

Personal goal is to travel and explore more countries and immerse myself in different cultures.

Do you have a favourite piece of your own work you can share with our readers? If so, why is it your favourite? Can you tell us the story behind it?

I have many. One that easily comes to mind is an androgynous shoot I did a few years back. I shot one of my good model friends based in the Gold Coast. She always did glamour and fitness shoots.

When I prepare for a shoot, I look at a model’s past portfolio and think of something unique to them that would stand out from the rest of their images. In her case, I styled the shoot with help of a good makeup artist. I produced one of my favourite shots. It’s the first feature image on the landing page of my website

The last question, Can offer one piece of advice for new businesses and brands that are aspiring to be successful like you?

You have to have honesty and integrity. Do what you say you would do even if someone else is not watching. Be kind and treat people right. Work your ass off, never judge your results too early and never give up.

Testimonial From Vivienne Black (Sin By Design):

Gary has such an amazing attitude to his work and that really shines through the pictures he will take of you.

Start to finish, from his booking process to delivering your final product you will feel comfortable and at ease.

Gary has a tour to Sydney planned early December. If you would like to book in with him to have your brand captured, reach out to him via his contact form on his website.