Should You Use Social Media For Marketing - Yes!


It is my opinion that you should you choose to use social media apps to progress your business further.

Most of them are free to use and in this day an age where else can you obtain free advertising space with a broad reach to a variety of clients?

The internet has turned the once vast world into a single digital village…

It is now possible to communicate to an unlimited audience using only your mobile phone, some imagination and the many applications available at the tips of your fingers.

More people use social media consistently, compared to those who search for escorts via directories online at all hours of the day.
— Vivienne Black

Tips on how to use social media to market

Spending a few hours figuring out which app works best for your brand is nothing in comparison to the return you will see for your business over time.

  • All of these apps help guide potential clients to your preferred advertising sites when they are used correctly. Just because you have an account or profile doesn’t mean you are using the product or your time to the best of its ability.

  • Take some time to define and refine your strategy with these apps, implementing a marketing plan or strategy is the best way to do this and the Sin Blog will be providing advice on how to do this soon.

  • You do not need to use all of the apps available to you, that would be impossible, there are just way too many. Instead, narrow your focus to spend time building your brand on the ones you see the best engagement for your brand and the ones that direct the most traffic to your site.

  • Social media and content marketing require you to engage to be successful. If you are not engaging, the app is not really worth having, that is except for Pinterest, gosh we love Pinterest!

For example, being the only posts on your twitter feed, is not going to persuade a client to book you, it will, however, encourage them to follow Scarlet Blue and not you.

Tip: Do try a lot of different applications before you judge which ones you will keep and which ones you deem unworthy. You may be taken by surprise to discover where your clients are searching for engagement and where they are open to responding to your marketing efforts.